Hike to Mouton d'Anou from Le Broc

Le Broc Village

In spite of its modest elevation, Mouton d’Anou (1079 m), is a dominating summit on a large plain behind the Baous of St-Jeannet and La Gaude.

We have previously tried to hike to Mouton d’Anou from Saint-Jeannet some years ago, but had to turn around at Jas Jausserand because a sheep flock guarded by several large dogs was staying in the middle of the trail, and making a detour was not possible.

Start of trail from Le Broc to Mouton d'Anou
Trail above Le Broc
Trail to Mouton d'Anou from Le Broc
Hiking between Le Broc and Mouton d'Anou
Wintry hike to Mouton d'Anou
Summit of Mouton d'Anou 1079m
Signposts on trail to Mouton d'Anou

This time we decided to start our ascent from the perched village of Le Broc (450 m) along a straight-forward trail. As the hunting season was still in full swing, we chose a non-hunting day.

From Le Broc Village, we started from signpost #1 (37 in old maps!) along a steep narrow street. In fact, this and the next signpost (#3) did not have our summit written, only Bouyon, Bézaudun and others. The trail proper soon forked right from the paved alley. The first part was a steep path, but it levelled off soon. We came to a piste, forest road, walked along it a bit till signpost #5 where our trail forked left with Mouton d’Anou clearly shown.

We continued along the trail that climbed gently in a sparse oak forest. We came to another dirt track and signposts #137 and 138. Our mountain was visible. From #138 we took the first apparent trail to the mountain top. The summit was marked with a cross. The view was superb, 360°, from the snow-capped southern Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. We took a parallel path back to the dirt track below the mountain, this trail was less rocky.

We then descended along the same trail back to Le Broc.

Elevation gain : 637 m

Duration : 4 h

Distance : 12,2 km

Map: 3642 ET Vallée de l’Esteron Vallée du Loup


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