French-style peas

This vegetable recipe is again loosely based on the French morning TV show Télématin. The presenter first told that the Sun King Louis XIV loved peas so much that he used to eat them as a snack like some other people eat chocolate.

She then presented the following simple but tasty recipe in which peas are cooked together with spring onions, olive oil, and salad leaves. She called this the French way of preparing peas. This green side goes well with simple chicken breast, turkey escalope or, as in our dish, rôti de veau, roasted veal.

2 servings

100 ml frozen peas
2 spring onions, white parts only
2 tbsp. olive oil
A small head of salad leaves, such as a head of little gem

Wash and slice the white parts of the spring onions. In a casserole, sauté the spring onions and peas in olive oil. Wash the salad, chop it and add to the casserole. Cover and let cook for a few minutes.

Stir the vegetables and lift on the plates.


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