Winter hike above Èze-village

Èze-village in midwinter

Èze-Village (356 m) is extremely popular among visitors to the French Riviera. You can easily combine the visit with a moderate (less than 3 hours) hike up to Fort de la Revère (696 m). The fortress itself which was built in the late 19th century to protect Nice is not open to the public. There is a super picnic area in the area.  In WWII, the fortress was also used as POW camp, notably for RAF pilots.
Start of the trail Fuont Roussa

The parking at the entrance of Èze-Village costs about 8 € per 5 hours. Follow the Moyenne Corniche (RM 6007) about 150 m to a small bridge. Turn left and find the path named Fuont Roussa at the end of a small parking. The trail is marked with yellow and signposted all the way to the fortress. Start ascending in a small wood up to Grande Corniche (RM 2564), cross it and continue climbing first between some villas and then in open terrain.
Maison de la Nature

You will first spot Maison de la Nature (free admission). There is information in French about the flora, fauna and geology of the region. From here, it takes just about 5 minutes to walk to the scenic fortress area where benches and tables can be found. To the east, the mountain top of la Simboula (675 m) with
Fort de la Revère
its excellent viewing point is 5-10 min away.

The descent is along the same trail as far as the first intersection & signpost.  At this point, turn right following the direction “Moyenne Corniche, Serre de Fourque, Eze-Village”. The trail soon crosses the Grande Corniche. From here, it first follows Chemin Serre de Fourque, a paved steep road then a wide path in a pine wood.  The starting point
A nice picnic  spot near Fort de la Revère
in Èze-Village is then reached rapidly.

A classic all-year-round Riviera hike!

Descending back to Èze-village

Total hiking time: 2.5 – 3 hours
Ascent 350 m

Description in French (the randoxygène guide)
The path of Serre de Fourque to Èze-village

Map: IGN Nice Menton 3742 OT


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