Loop hike in Auron


Col de Blainon view southeast

In addition to the usual summer activities such as mountain biking, the ski resort of Auron (1600 m) offers a network of hiking trails in the mountains above the village. The GR5 long distance trail runs through Auron.

It was exactly the GR5 we planned to use on the first part of our hike.

Because of a small golf court, there was a marked detour for the GR5 which we took near the Blainon chair lift. The chair lift was running, and many visitors took advantage of a free ride to reach higher terrain.

Starting from signpost #11, we walked under the chair lift, crossed a ski run and entered a beautiful larch forest. We passed signposts #12 and 12a, then a viewing point named Belvédère des Chamois (1810 m). The path crossed MTB/VTT trails a few times.

We reached Col du Blainon (2008 m; signpost #13a) on a picturesque ridge. The GR5 descended from here to the hamlet of Roya. We forked right (west), and ascended a bit more along a PR (yellow) trail to Baisse du Colombier (2070 m) near the chair lift upper station.

Our ambitious plan was to circle as far as via Col du Chavalet (2323 m), but the wind picked up, with some nasty gusts. We therefore opted for a shorter loop, and started to descend along a familiar ski run (dirt track in summer). We walked under the Las Donnas gondola (not in summer use), passed two chair lift stations where we forked right, and continued straight to Auron.

Distance: 9 km

Climb: 550 m

Duration: about 3h 15 active

Map: Haute Tinée 1 Auron 3639 OT

Auron loop hike track


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