Mountains above Gorbio

The Village of Gorbio

The medieval village of Gorbio (360 m) is only about 3 km from the coast at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The road to the village is narrow and winding, and makes the distance seem much longer. Gorbio is well visible from the nearby A8 La Provencale motorway, but the atmosphere is tranquil and secluded. The surrounding mountains are well over 1000 m, notably Cime de Baudon (1264 m). They protect the village from freezing northern winds, giving it a certain microclimate.

Today’s hike took us from Gorbio first along Vallon du Rank to Col de la Madone (925 m) not far from the southern face of Baudon. During the ascent, we actually climbed through the low coastal clouds that were hanging above Gorbio between 600 and 900 m. At Col de la Madone, we turned south then southwest to Plateau de Cabanelles. Several Radio Monte Carlo radio masts could be seen there. They seemed to be more or less dismantled of the transmitting equipment.

The trail continued south to Baisse des Cabanelles (1050 m). From here, the trail descended under Mont Agel (1148 m). At this stage, the clouds were gradually disappearing. The coastline, specially Cap Martin became visible, making this part of the trail very picturesque. There were a few crossroads, but the way back to Gorbio was well signposted. The last km or so back to the village follows The GR51 along a paved road.

Ascent 750 m
Duration 5 h
Distance 9.3 km
IGN Map: Nice Menton Côte d’Azur 3742 OT
Trail image

Image of trail courtesy of Google Maps


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