Winter hike above Gourdon

Ascending from Gourdon

This is a great and easy walk on a sunny winter day! Park your car at the entrance to Gourdon (758 m), a
The hilltop village of Gourdon in winter
charming hilltop village. Gourdon offers breathtaking views, has a few restaurants and small somewhat touristic shops. We suggest that you combine your visit to Gourdon with a less than 3 hour hike to Plateau de Cavillore.

Restaurants at the entrance to Gourdon
Start your hike by following the road to Cassols (RD 12) for about 100 m, then turn right and follow a path first passing a small residential area. The trail then ascends along a slope to the eastern part of Col de Cavillore. All parts of the trail are well marked with yellow. From the Plateau de Cavillore you have magnificent view over the French Riviera.
Approaching Col de Cavillore

The trail turns left and continues along the plateau to the western part of Col de Cavillore. There are signposts showing “Circuit de Cavillore” and cairns to facilitate the orientation.

The zigzagging trail back down is wide and well visible. This part of the route might also be a natural spot for picnic while enjoying the scenery.  If the wind is too strong and cold, you can always try one of the restaurants in Gourdon.
Crossing Plateau de Cavillore the trail marked with cairns

The trail then crosses the RD 12 road at signpost 105. You descend further along a narrow dirt road passing soon the ruins of Chapel St-Vincent. From here, the starting point can be reached in about 15 min.
The wide path descending down from Plateau de Cavillore

Total hiking time:    2, 5 – 3 hours
Vertical climb:        300 m

Description of the hike in French

Map: IGN Cannes-Grasse Côte d’Azur 3643 ET


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