From Peille to Cime de Baudon

View to north from Cime de Baudon

Upper parts of Peille with Cime de Baudon in background

Starting point in Peille for Cime de Baudon

Today’s ascent to Cime de Baudon (1264 m) starts from the hillside village of Peille (650m) about 25 km by road from Nice. The villages of St Agnes and Gorbio are also possible starting points. We have previously hiked to Cime de Baudon from Gorbio. Today’s ascent is shorter and the vertical climb only 620 m versus 900+ m from Gorbio.

Ascending in a pine forest to Cime de Baudon

Park your car in the upper part of the village. The trail starts as the stairs of St Bernhard and continues as a small road called Barri to Col St Berhard (750 m; 15 min walk from the village). From this point turn right and ascend along a path in a beautiful pine forest. Follow closely the yellow signs (which are numerous on this route) and signposts. The path reaches a plateau with a signpost at 974 m. From here, the ascent is steeper and requires some easy
The plateau before the final steep climb to Cime de Baudon
scrambling when climbing the southern slope before the summit.

On the mountaintop, there is a table d’orientation and a 360 degree panoramic view. Thanks to the clear January weather, we were even able to see Corsica. It has been said to be just refraction due to atmospheric factors. However, if the atmosphere is not taken into account we calculated that from the altitude of 1000m a mountain range of 2000m (Corsica’s highest peak Monte Cinto is 2706 m) should be well visible given that the distance to northern Corsica is about 190 km.
Easy scramble before reaching the summit of Cime de Baudon

Looking north, you can see the snow capped peaks of the southernmost Alps. Not surprisingly there were quite a few hikers enjoying the views on this winter day. Cime de Baudon certainly is one of the most appealing mountains near the Riviera. The summit is just 7 km from Monaco coastline as a crow flies and yet you are in the middle of the nature.  There’s a feeling of a real mountain. No ancient bunkers or masts spoil the scenery.
Corsica just visible above the haze

The descent is first along the same trail but then continues along the mountain ridge further west before descending steeply back to the same trail that was used on the way up.

Duration:         3 h 45

Vertical climb: 620 m
Descending back to Peille along the ridge

Map: IGN Nice Menton Côte d’Azur 3742 OT

The Randoxygène guide has a description of this hike in French


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