On the beaten track -the trail around Cap d'Antibes

The lighthouse of Cap d'Antibes

Cap d’ Antibes brings to the mind the high Aleppo pine trees and the residences of the really rich. However, the southern end of the Cap offers a wonderful seaside trail. We have done this walk several times, often with visiting friends, and never get tired of it. The weather should be fine; the trail can be dangerous when the sea is very rough.
Garoupe beach

The path starts from the Garoupe beach. Most of the beach now belongs to several restaurants with their private beaches, but there is still a tiny public sand beach which is free.

The trail follows the seashore to the southernmost tip of the Cap. This part is more sportive than you might expect; trainers are recommended instead of flip flops. From the southernmost tip you can now follow the new path to the very beautiful bay, Anse de l’ Argent Faux, literally meaning the bay of counterfeit money. The name probably dates from a period of a property scandal on this beautiful bay.
Along the seaside trail

From the bay a short ascent brings you to the gate of the Villa Eilenroc. When the mansion was built buy a wealthy Dutch businessman in the late 19th century, he used an anagram of his wife’s name Cornelie to name the property. The villa belongs now to the city of Antibes, and can be visited. Unfortunately the visiting hours are very variable, and the city does not bother to update the changes of the visiting hours on their website. So again the villa was closed, although according to the information on the website it should have been open! Last year we managed to get in, our video clip of the walk around the Cap and visit to Eilenroc, can be viewed here. A visit is certainly worthwhile when possible, and partly because of the very fine rose garden.
The bay of l'Argent Faux

From the Villa Eilenroc the trail back to the Garoupe beach is urban, first following Avenue Beaumont then along the charming Avenue de la Tour Gandolphe.
Villa Eilenroc

Avenue de la Tour Gandolphe

More information in French in the guide booklet Randoxygene/Pays Côtier/Tour du Cap d’Antibes

Total distance: about 4.8 km, climb 30 m.

Duration: about 2 h.


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