Another Baou near Nice

Hilltop village of Gattiéres

Baou de la Gaude is the neighbour of Baou de St-Jeannet. Paradoxically it is called Baou de la Gaude although the hike starts from the hilltop village of Gattières (260m). Both of the baous are approximately similar in height, about 800m.
A good workout in beautiful surroundings

The hike starts just in front of the graveyard of Gattières. The initial ascent is GR 51 and marked in red and white. At signpost 18 the trail leaves GR 51. Take the right hand path at this intersection and continue the ascent, now marked by yellow signs, up to the vast plateau de la Colle (820m).Then continue to the south to the summit of Baou de la Gaude, which at 796m is actually a bit lower than the plateau.

Bellet vineyards in distance

The River Var

The initial ascent offers panoramic views to Gattierès, the River Var valley, and to the vineyards of Bellet on the collines nicoises, on the other side of Var. You have actually better views from the plateau de la Colle than from the summit itself. All in all, this hike gives you a good workout in beautiful surroundings.
What is this ball on a pine tree?

By the way, does anyone know what this funny “ball” on a pine tree is?

Total ascent is about 580m, duration 3h30

More information in French in the booklet Randoxygene/Pays Côtier (link to their web site)


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