Panoramic walk from La Turbie

The famous Grande Corniche passes through La Turbie, about 18 km east of Nice. The monument Trophée d’Auguste is a visible landmark of La Turbie. Originally a statue of Augustus Caesar stood on the top of the 45 m high column. The trophy was completely destroyed by Louis XIV’s engineers, and only reconstructed in the 1930’s.

La Turbie and the Grande Corniche have been popular locations for shooting films where daredevil driving and action happens. The 1998 Robert de Niro and Jean Reno thriller “Ronin used a villa in the very centre of La Turbie where the mysterious suitcase was held. The subsequent attack on the car and the car chase took place in Villefanche-sur-Mer

This leisurely walk is altogether more peaceful, although one can still witness the scars on the nature from the 1986 forest fire when ascending towards Fort de la Revère. Best views are on the way back from the old military trail high above the coastline. Fog and/or low clouds are not infrequent along this trail.

The hike is well described in French in the booklet (and on their web site) Pays Côtier published by Conseil General des Alpes Maritimes and called Circuit de la Forna. From La Turbie, the route follows Grande Corniche a few hundred meters then turns right and ascends along a paved narrow street. The trail marked with yellow then continues along the hillside as far as la maison de la nature next to Fort de la Revère. The viewpoint indicator La Simboula is just a short detour from this intersection. The route back is very well marked following initially the old military trail.

The walk takes 2.5 hours (max), distance is 6.8 km and the vertical ascent very reasonable at 220 m.


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