If you like taking stairs...the Hike to Mont Gros from Roquebrune

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is situated about 23 km east of Nice. Our goal, Mont Gros (686 m), offers stunning views over the sea and Monaco. The mountain is also a well known paragliding center.

We will start the hike from the station almost by the sea. From there to the old village of Roquebrune the ascent along several stairs takes 40 minutes crossing both the Route National 7 and later the Grande Corniche. The old village at about 200 m already offers panoramic views. An open-air theater has been created in the Roquebrune Castle where concerts and performances are arranged in July and August.

After crossing the old village the trail is now Grande Randonnée GR 53A and consequently marked with red and white. After having reached Place De-Lattre-de-Tassigny the trail continues uphill in a pine forest eventually reaching Col de la Coupière (440 m). Those wishing to make an easier and shorter hike can drive up here. This shorter variant is well described in French in the Randoxygène guide.  The trail is well signposted all the way. From the Col, it’s still a Grande Randonnée (GR 51) trail almost to the summit. From there, you will have a great view over the coast, Monaco and Rocagel, the royal summer residence.

Our hike can be considered “semi urban” as you ascend initially through very nice residential areas to the medieval village before entering more rugged terrain in a forest. In spite of this, you are very close to the coast all the time. The A8 motorway disappears in a tunnel deep under your trail.
Duration: 4 hours, vertical ascent 686 m.


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