From Villefranche Market to Mont Alban

Villefranche seen from Mont Alban

We remember learning at school that Mediterranean winters typically are mild and rainy. This winter certainly fits the description, at least as far as the rainy part goes. You have to grab every opportunity even for short hikes and walks!

At 222 m, Mont Alban situated between Villefranche-sur-Mer and Nice is not really a mountain. The visitor is nevertheless awarded by great views as the video clip shows. The walk presented here is also called Circuit du Mont Alban. It is well described (in French) and recommended in the randoxygène guidebook.
 The Fortress on Mont Alban

This is a walk that combines culture, history and nature. You can even explore the outdoor market in Villefranche. The walk starts with a long ascent along stairs (l’escalier Campo Quadro) gradually reaching the middle Corniche. From this point, it is about 500 m to col de Villefranche. The trail (marked with yellow) then continues to Mont Alban and the fortress.  Built in the mid 16th century by the Duke of Savoy Emmanuel Philibert, the fort is today normally closed. Guided tours have been arranged during the summer. From here, the trail continues south about 500 m, then turns left and descends trough a wood back to the basse Corniche and finally down to the port of Villefranche.


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