How to jazz up Quinoa

Jazzed-up quinoa

 Cooked quinoa is a super healthy carbohydrate side to some simple meat or chicken and vegetables. But sometimes one wishes something a bit more adventurous than just cooked quinoa.

The following herb- olive oil- cherry tomato mixture can be added to still warm cooked quinoa making it much more interesting, like a warm quinoa tabbouleh.

2 servings

100 ml quinoa, pref. a mixture of white, red, and black quinoa

About 300 ml water

3 tbsp. tasty olive oil

A handful of chopped fresh herbs 

2 tbsp. sliced black olives

About 10- 12 cherry tomatoes, cut into smallish pieces

A dash of pressed garlic

Freshly ground black pepper

Cook the quinoa for 20 minutes. Then set aside and cover for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile wash and chop the herbs. Add to a bowl with the black olives, olive oil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. Grind over some black pepper and mix.

Fold this mixture into the cooked warm quinoa. In the photo, it is served with a roasted turkey escalope and steamed green beans.


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