Lemon ricotta with strawberries

Lemon ricotta with strawberries

What a delight it is to find the first tasty local spring strawberries! And nowadays we can buy them organic. For dessert, strawberries are usually served with sweetened whipped cream.

For a change, try serving them with ricotta mixed with lemon juice. It is important to use original Italian ricotta in the recipe because “ricottas” made in some other countries just don’t have the desired consistency and don’t mix so easily with lemon juice. Great taste but less calories and no added sugar.

2 servings

About 2 handfuls of local organic strawberries
150 g Italian ricotta
Juice of ½ small lemon

Wash the strawberries under running water and let dry on kitchen paper.

In a bowl, whip the ricotta and lemon juice with a spoon. Divide into 2 dessert bowls.

Slice the strawberries and divide on top of the ricotta. Enjoy!


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