Hiking in Queyras

Ascending from Ceillac along GR58

If you are in Queyras Regional Nature Park and plan a shorter one-day hike, consider this: The picturesque hike starts at the entrance of the village of Ceillac (1616 m), located in the southern part of the park. The trail from Ceillac to the La Mourière (2324 m) is actually a part of GR 58 which was created as a loop trail around the peaks of Font Sancte.
View towards Ceillac
La Mourière in sight
Seen from the trail, the summit of La Mourière doesn`t look very imposing, but the panorama from the top is magnificent. The trail is quite good and not much frequented so that you can really enjoy the nature.

Start ascending following the signposts to Le Belvédère de la Mourière and the red and yellow signs of GR 58. The ascent starts gently in a super forest but gets gradually steeper and steeper. There are great views along the trail, notably down to Ceillac and the Cristillan Valley. Higher up the impressive southern face of Pointe de la Saume (3043 m) becomes visible.
At the summit of La Mourière

The trail zigzags in the forest as far as La Mourière. The summit is suddenly just right of the path, marked with a cairn, a heap of stones. Climb up there for a great panorama in spite of the modest altitude compared with the 3000 plus peaks nearby. The Ecrins Massif with peaks reaching 4000 m is seen in the distance.  La Mourière is a good spot for a picnic. Return along the same trail.
View towards Les Ecrins from La Mourière

Total ascent:        708 m.

Total hiking time: about 4 h.

Image of itinerary
Map: IGN 3537 ET Guillestre

Image of trail courtesy of Google Maps


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