Hiking in Gorges de la Vésubie

This hike starts at the hamlet of Cros d’Utelle (350m). The trail is actually an ancient mule trail to Utelle (800m), and you can admire how cleverly it was carved and paved in the Gorges de la Vésubie, high above the river. The trail is now GR(Grande Randonnée) 5 marked with red and white. The starting point is at the church of Cros d’Utelle (signpost 3) surrounded by old olive trees. View the map here.

After the initial ascent, the trail offers stunning views. At about half-way, you will find the well-preserved chapel of Saint-Antoine (673m). The chapel can be visited.

The trail then continues through a very nice Mediterranean forest before the last rocky part to Utelle.
There is a small inn, L’Auberge Utelloise, in the centre of Utelle, Place de la République. You can have a simple lunch, Plat du Jour, or opt for a more substantial Menu Randonneurs. We had a very nice Daube aux cèpes which was plentiful enough for the hike back to Cros d’Utelle. You could stay overnight at the inn and next day hike to Madone d’Utelle.

We took GR5 back to Cros d’Utelle because of the great views. You have a slightly longer option via Colombier and plateau de Millehommes which is presented in French in the booklet Les Guides Randoxygène, Moyen Pays. Vésubie River gorge is another good example of how unspoiled and different the landscape can be just 30 km north of Nice.


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