Cap Taillat -a hidden gem??

December in the South of France can be a really good month to explore coastal trails –weather permitting of course. This winter has been exceptionally rainy in Var and Alpes Maritimes departments. We were therefore very lucky to have clear skies and a windless morning when exploring the southern tip of St Tropez peninsula. Having earlier hiked the coastal trail from Cap Camarat to L’Escalene and back, we now decided to start from L’Escalene in order to continue the trail further west.

After the intervention by the retired mayor of Ramatuelle, the land around Cap Taillat was acquired by conservatoire du littoral  as Club Med had in the 70´s plans to build a holiday resort comprising 400 bungalows on the site.

Cap Taillat (or Cap Cartaya in some maps) is renowned for its unique flora and fauna. Guides list over 80 species of birds, 71 of which are protected, the Hermann's tortoise etc. The fragile ecosystem was disturbed by unfortunate fires in 2006 and 2007 although no clear visible marks were seen six years later.

The trail from L’Escalene is well marked (yellow) and actually divides into two trails; the lower being a bit more rocky. Both merge again before Cap Taillat. Keep in mind that this is just a small part of the whole coastal trail in this region. We tried to reach the very end of the Cap itself but the eastern trail became very steep and narrow, and on the other side the vegetation was very dense. On the Google map, even this path is clearly visible.

In Cap Taillat, you are immediately in harmony with the nature. We hope that this short video clip could transmit at least a fraction of the tranquility and beauty one can experience here.
Further info about the hike in English can be found for example here