Moulinet to almost Mangiabo

The following hike is a good example of a situation where aborting the ascent is the best option. This was actually our second attempt to climb to the mountaintop called Mangiabo (1821 m) located in the southernmost part of the Mercantour National Park.

Last time in 2011, heavy rain forced us to turn around early. We were optimistic this time as the skies were clear early in the morning. Moulinet, the starting point, is at 770 m.
Ancient military presence can still be seen on many of the mountains in this region. On our trail, we saw remnants of old cannons. At least one of them was Italian, from 1918. Authion, north of Mangiabo and partly visible from the trail, saw heavy fighting in April 1945 during the last weeks of WWII.

Later during the morning, the weather deteriorated rapidly in spite of the favorable forecast. Eventually the mountain disappeared in clouds. At signpost 23 (1600 m), we were just beneath the cloud layers as the video clip shows. The visibility higher up would have been negligible. It took us about three hours to reach this signpost. At least we came further up this time. The effort was "assez sportive" as the French would describe it. Maybe there will be a new attempt next year?

IGN Map: Vallées de la Bévéra et les Paillons 3741 ET

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