Hike to Montagne de Thiey (1553 m)

Napoléon disembarked at Golfe-Juan on 1 March 1815 on his return from Elba. At that time there were only mule trails between Grasse and Digne. He was busy returning to Paris and would probably not have ascended any of the mountains on horseback or by foot for that matter. The scenic route used by the Emperor between the French Riviera and Grenoble is today called La Route Napoléon or D6085 (formerly N85) in Alpes Maritimes.
The only connection with Napoléon and the hike presented here is probably the fact that it starts from D6085, north of St-Vallier-de-Thiey. The exact starting point is the parking at Nans, just 19 km from Grasse.
The summit of Montagne de Thiey at 1553m is reached quite easily as the starting point is already at 860m. Even so, the hike presented here is classified as sportif as an additional loop along Créte de Thiey is made and the tour will therefore take about five hours.
The hike is described in French in the guidebook Moyen Pays by Conseil Général and on the web site www.randoxygene.org
Map: “Haut Siagne” TOPno 3543 ET
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